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about slavin

A story of beautiful kitchens
Slavin was founded in 1993 as a manufacturing and design facility in order to break away from the stereotyped norms of standard kitchen thinking. It had to be a factory small enough to be individual but big enough to be independent. Success however dictated a move to our present factory and the largest kitchen showroom in Gauteng. However, we have still maintained our original vision, which is to only use qualified designers and guarantee personal solutions.

design ethos

Designed to Inspire
Definition (Inspire): To encourage somebody into greater effort, enthusiasm, or creativity
Creating a living space with the ability to inspire is the ultimate measure of success for Slavin, a kitchen capable of arousing deep feelings and desires and a living space from which the owner can draw inspiration for years to come. It is for this very reason that every Slavin designer has graduated with a recognized qualification, and is fully conversant with up to date knowledge of materials and appliances as well as the latest techniques.
Designed with Passion
Definition (passion): Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling
Only that which is designed with and built with passion can inspire the same in others, at Slavin our passion for truly great kitchens is at the core of our design ethos. This is why we insist on every client undergoing a preliminary consultation in the showroom, so that we may share our experience and understand your passion in order to arrive at the best solutions for your needs.
Designed with Style
Definition (style): The quality of imagination and individuality expressed in one’s actions and tastes
Uniquely designed to suit each client’s wants and desires our custom kitchens create a living space infused with the individual style of the owner, the most successful kitchens are those that have evolved naturally as a result of good and honest communication between the client and the designer.

Production Values

Designed for Perfection
Definition (perfection): the condition, state, or quality of being as free as possible from all flaws and defects

Slavin will only use the best materials available using only seasonal timber sourced from reputable dealers with green credentials and our master craftsmen ensure strict adherence to extreme levels of workmanship. This strict adherence to quality is evident in the Slavin lifetime guarantee on our kitchens.
Designed for Life
Definition (real life): Human existence, relationships, or activity in general

In today’s day and age the kitchen is truly the heart of the home, a refuge from the pace of modern living. A kitchen needs to balance the style and passion that it deserves with the functionality needed to deliver on the modern families requirements, our painted finishes have not less than four coats even prior to any hand painted techniques. All manufacturing takes place in our own factory which ensures personal attention to details and quality at all times.

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